Character Spotlight – Inferno Scorpion

char_scorpi01Just the facts –

Scorpion – Inferno
Gold Tier
Faction: Martial Artist/Netherrealm
Passive: Vengeance – +200% basic damage for 6 seconds activates on tag
1 – Spear
2 – Minion Assist
X – From Hell

970 Attack
940 Health
1090 Toughness
950 Recovery
100% Power Gen

Cost: 350 Souls
Found In: Gold Fire Starter Pack, Kombat Pack, Kard Pack(?)


What’s it all mean?
The description of Inferno Scorpion’s passive isn’t all that great, but essentially it means when he tags in you have 6 seconds where his damage is essentially tripled. If he strikes first and doesn’t get interrupted, Scorp can perform 3 combos before the time runs out and does massive damage.

The spear is Scorpion sending out his spike on a chain to impale an opponent. He shares this attack with all other Scorpion cards. If the opponent doesn’t block, he has a chance to stun.

The Minion Assist is Scorpion summoning some sort of Netherrealm Demon/Imp to perform an attack which hits for good damage. If the opponent doesn’t block, the minion will also rise from the ground and latch onto their legs, giving Scorp a free shot.

What’s good about him?
All of his attacks are strong and his basic combos execute fairly quick so he can be a beast when Vengeance is activated. He’s duo faction which makes him a little more flexible though he is easiest to pair up with Martial Artists. His starting stats are quite high compared to other cards.

What’s the downside?
He’s expensive for one. At 350 Souls he will be very expensive to max out. A non-promoted Scorpion is going to be inferior to most promoted Silver Cards who are at Fusion 3 or higher. His spear attack, while it hits for high damage even on a block, also pulls your opponent forward so if they blocked they will often get a free punch in your face. The duo faction is a neat gimme with no real downside but there are very few Netherrealm faction cards released right now and there are no team bonuses for Netherrealm right now.

Inferno Scorpion brings no team bonuses to the table but is a strong single card that can have a team built around him. His best use is to be put in anything other than the starting slot on a team and then dropped in for some quick damage. His passive attack on tag-in isn’t automatic damage like Possessed Kenshi or Assassin Kitana but if executed quickly can actually be more effective.

With two different attacks that can incapacitate he can also be a good character to use for attacking and then tagging out and letting someone else finish off an opponent.

He has no real downsides or weaknesses other than his cost.