Character Spotlight – Shirai Ryu

char_sryu01Just the facts –

Shirai Ryu
Bronze Tier
Faction: Martial Artist
Passive: Deadly Arts – Gives 5% attack bonus to Martial Artist teammates
1 – Kunai
2 – Clan Edge

220 Atk
180 Health
200 Toughness
200 Recovery
90% Power Gen

Cost: 8,000 Koins
Found In: Alliance Pack


What’s it all mean?
Being part of the same clan as Scorpion, there are similarities but not many. Like most bronze tier characters, his passive is nothing great. A 5% attack bonus isn’t going to turn the tide of battle especially if you’re still stocking bronze characters on your team.

The Kunai special is just a couple of thrown knives that do damage and Clan Edge is a sword attack that is fairly strong for a bronze character.

What’s good about him?
For his tier, the Shirai Ryu is a solid performer and a decent addition early in the game. Later as you start to need silvers there is no reason to hang onto him. His combo is decent speed and his special attacks are easy to execute so he’s a simple fighter to utilize. He is one of the cheapest cards in the game as well.

What’s the downside?
When I say things like “solid performer” and “decent addition” what I’m really saying is mediocre. Shirai Ryu is good in some areas, not great at anything, but also not bad at anything. There are more dynamic and effective bronze tier characters but at the same time he’s not bad for a starter.

Shirai Ryu’s team bonus may be handy early in the game but it’s not outstanding either. You won’t miss him if he’s out of your line-up but he’s helpful if he’s there. Clan Edge is a fairly strong attack and can really knock down an opponent’s health, especially if the opponent is another bronze fighter. While there are no real weaknesses I can point out, there are no strengths either.