Character Spotlight – Sonya Blade

char_sbp01Just the facts –

Sonya Blade
Silver Tier
Faction: Spec Ops
Passive: Assault Weapons – Gives a 15% Attack bonus to Spec Ops Teammates
1 – Arc Kick
2 – Energy Ring
3 – Alert Force

460 Attack
370 Health
380 Toughness
440 Recovery
100% Power Gen

Cost: 45,000 Koins
Found In: Kard Pack, Alliance Pack (?)


What’s it all mean?
Sonya’s a team player, improving the attack stat of any teammates in her faction. Her Arc Kick is just a basic damage attack but the Energy Ring is a very high damage attack that can stun if the target is still standing.

Alert Force is powerful but Energy Ring seems to have a better payoff and is easier to execute. Alert Force does give a defense bonus but hardly seems worth it.

What’s good about her?
She has solid starting stats and is good offensively. Energy Ring is a powerful attack that is easy to execute and stunning an opponent is always welcome.

What’s the downside?
Her basic attacks seem fast but she seems slow overall, often moving after her opponent has attacked first or is already blocking. Arc kick hits multiple times but for low damage.

Sonya Blade is a classic character with good starting stats and a strong 2nd special attack. She’s offset by being rather slow to initiate her combos and a rather weak special attack 1. While their stats may not reflect it, Jacqui or Jax Briggs are both better and Jacqui is cheaper. Sonya is not a bad card to draw but I’m not sure she’s my first choice to outright purchase and try to build up. The team bonus is nice but 15% is not a game changer and it only applies if you have other Spec Ops characters.