Character Spotlight – Kenshi

char_kenp01Just the facts –

Silver Tier
Faction: Martial Artist/Spec Ops
Passive: Dual Nature – +40% Attack when teamed with martial artists; +40% Health when teamed with Spec Ops
1 – Tele-Push
2 – Rising Sword
3 – Spinning Blade

590 Attack
510 Health
520 Toughness
700 Recovery
100% Power Gen

Cost: 75,000 Koins
Found In: Silver Sword Starter Pack, Kard Pack, Alliance Pack(?)


What’s it all mean?
Kenshi’s Dual Nature passive gives a bonus based on who is on his team. Since he is dual faction he can potentially receive both a 40% bonus to attack and health. Pretty nice!

His passive is decent but his attacks are even better. His Tele-Push does ok damage but also drains power from his opponent. Rising Sword can do heavy damage as well.

Spinning Blade is a powerful attack that also increases critical chance. It’s a decent move but the effort of charging up a special 3 that isn’t that much better than his special 2 and only increases the chance of critical hits is hardly worth it.

What’s good about him?
His basic attacks are fast and he hits hard. He’s easily one of the best Silver Tier cards in the game. Power draining characters also have a great advantage in a fight. His starting stats are very strong and he’s a contender against some of the weaker gold tier characters.

What’s the downside?
With so many advantages he also comes with a hefty price tag. 75,000 Koins means buying him outright will cost you more than 2 Kard Packs. Is having Kenshi worth two random silver characters? Possibly. His power drain is useful but seems to do the least amount of draining compared to Johnny Cage or Kitanna. Rising Sword, due to how it is executed, is very difficult to get a 100% on.

If money is no issue, Kenshi is easily one of the best characters in the game. He’s great for rounding out a team regardless of whether you have silver or even gold characters. While his passives can make him quite strong, even if not optimally paired he’s still a good character to have in your roster.