Character Spotlight – Lin Kuei

Just the facts –

Lin Kuei
Bronze Tier
Faction: Martial Artist
Passive: Discipline – +5% health for martial artist teammates
1 – Mist
2 – Forest Blade

180 Attack
220 Health
200 Toughness
200 Recovery
90% Power Gen

Cost: 8,000 Koins
Found In: Alliance Pack


What’s it all mean?
Lin Kuei will give a slight health bump to fellow martial artists. Mist is just a weaker form of Sub-Zero’s Ice Ball except it only does damage and does not freeze. Forest Blade is actually a fairly hard hitting attack similar to Shirai Ryu’s special attack 2.

What’s good about him?
The Lin Kuei are cheaper than dirt and Forest Blade is a strong attack. Overall attack and combo speed is not bad.

What’s the downside?
They are one of the weaker cards even for the Bronze Tier and while their health stat is high the Lin Kuei also has the weakest starting attack stat in the game. They average out to about the same stats as other cheaper cards but that low attack stat means something, especially early on when your whole team is made up of bronze cards.

This is the card you will replace first unless you’re just a die-hard Lin Kuei/Sub-Zero fan. I have a hard time deciding who is worse, Lin Kuei or Saurian. Their passive bonus isn’t that helpful which means later in the game you’ll have no use for them.


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