Character Spotlight – Sub-Zero

char_szp01Just the facts –

Silver Tier
Faction: Martial Artist
Passive: Discipline – +15% health for martial artist teammates
1 – Ice Ball
2 – Icy Slide
3 – Frost Bomb

320 Attack
380 Health
340 Toughness
360 Recovery
100% Power Gen

Cost: 35,000 Koins
Found In: Kard Pack, Alliance Pack


What’s it all mean?
As a team player, Sub-Zero boosts the health of his martial artist teammates by 15%. Ice Ball is an attack that does decent damage but also freezes your opponent for a short period of time. Icy Slide is a decent straight up damage attack. Frost Bomb is a fairly strong attack that grants a defense bonus after it is executed.

What’s good about him?
Sub-Zero is not exactly a fast character but he’s not slow either. Ice Ball is actually a great first special attack even when it doesn’t freeze. He’s a decent offensive character with a good team-centric passive. For a silver character he is as cheap as you can get without pulling him from a pack.

What’s the downside?
On his own he’s solidly mediocre and one of my least favorite silver tier characters. Icy Slide and Frost Bomb aren’t very impressive. Ice Ball can be difficult to execute on a non-blocking opponent and it’s really more effective if you can freeze them. Seems like his speed should be better.

Really, for the price Sub-Zero is not bad but I feel like there is a world of difference between his Gold and Silver tier versions. There are plenty of solid silver characters that seem better. His team bonus is decent if you’re building a Martial Artist team but on his own I think he compares poorly compared to the same priced Jacqui Briggs.