Character Spotlight – Sub-Zero – Cryomancer

char_szc01Just the facts –

Sub-Zero – Cryomancer
Gold Tier
Faction: Martial Artist
Passive: Discipline – +30% health for martial artist teammates
1 – Ice Ball
2 – Cold Blooded
X – Deep Freeze

810 Attack
890 Health
900 Toughness
800 Recovery
100% Power Gen

Cost: 275 Souls
Found In: Kombat Pack, Kard Pack


What’s it all mean?
Keeping the theme of Sub-Zero has a team player, the Cryomancer version gives a 30% health boost for any teammates who belong to the Martial Artist faction. Ice Ball is an attack that does decent damage but also freezes your opponent for a short period of time. Cold-blooded is a grapple attack, which means it can’t be blocked, and does decent damage. After his X-Ray attack is executed, Sub-Zero gets a defense bonus.

What’s good about him?
A 30% boost to health for his teammates is very good. For cost he’s on the low end but a solid character. Ice Ball is actually a great first special attack even when it doesn’t freeze. He seems a little faster than his silver tier counterpart as well but he’s not the fastest character by any means.

What’s the downside?
He’s a team builder and not all that great on his own. Ice ball is difficult to freeze as it requires a non-blocking opponent for full effect.

Despite not being a big fan of team passives, in many ways I think this is my favorite version of Sub-Zero. I much prefer his second special attack to any other version and his stats are solid even if they aren’t the best. Grandmaster Sub-Zero is probably the best but I still think the Cryomancer version is a good card and worth having.