Character Spotlight – Sub-Zero – Grandmaster

char_szgm01Just the facts –

Sub-Zero – Grandmaster
Gold Tier
Faction: Martial Artist
Passive: Ice Decoy – Sub-Zero replaces himself with a decoy, evading a fatal blow
1 – Ice Ball
2 – Klone Toss
X – Deep Freeze

900 Attack
1000 Health
1000 Toughness
850 Recovery
100% Power Gen

Cost: 330 Souls
Found In: Gold Ice Starter Pack, Kombat Pack, Kard Pack(?)


What’s it all mean?
Ice Decoy essentially lets Sub-Zero rejoin the fight with almost a third of his health after the first KO. Ice Ball is an attack that does decent damage but also freezes your opponent for a short period of time. Klone Toss is essentially tossing his ice decoy at an opponent. Klone Toss hits for HIGH damage! After his X-Ray attack is executed, Sub-Zero gets a defense bonus.

What’s good about him?
Grandmaster Sub-Zero is a higher end character with stats to match! He seems a little faster than his silver tier counterpart. Ice Ball is actually a great first special attack even when it doesn’t freeze. His Klone Toss, which is a pretty dorky looking move, is actually a killer and hits for ridiculous damage. It’s probably the most effective special attack of any version of Sub-Zero.

What’s the downside?
He’s high priced for buying outright and his passive may be useful as a second wind to keep the character in play but is really something I’d rather not rely on. Ice ball is often blocked which means it is difficult to pull off a freeze.

Cost aside, Grandmaster Sub-Zero is a strong card. His passive seems to focus on defense, which is not my favorite, but his powerful second special attack makes up for this.