Injustice vs. Mortal Kombat X – Combat Mechanics

Apologies now. Yesterday’s post was intended for today and today’s was supposed to be yesterdays. I’m a little out of order and also realized with the shorter week for me there is going to be no Character Spotlight this week. I will be doing at least two next week to make up for it.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Combat is somewhat different in MKX than Injustice, but should feel familiar to veteran players of Injustice.

In Mortal Kombat X, players tap the screen to attack and hold two fingers on the screen to block. What’s missing is the heavy attacks using a swipe. I’m not sure why they decided to omit this as I often took advantage of heavy and light attacks in Injustice. This does take away from depth in a fighting system that is already fairly shallow.

Some of the special moves have been changed as well. Moves that require multiple swipes can not only be vertical or horizontal, but may actually be diagonal on the screen. Again, not a great move because up/down/left/right seems natural where diagonal swiping just seems needlessly difficult. Attacks that require sustained tapping to keep a meter up will automatically stop if you hit 100%. This is a change I like very much! There were some other changes as well. Attacks that require tapping a dot are now many dots that fill the screen and you have to top as many as possible before they disappear. I think with Injustice the most I ever saw was Catwoman’s special attack 2 that had maybe five dots. Tapping a dot repeatedly to build up power is about the same, but some powers put two dots on the screen.

In short, MKX takes away depth where it was needed and adds complexity where it is not.

Overall, I would say the new combat mechanics are a step backwards from Injustice.