Character Spotlight – Mournful Kitana

char_kitm01Just the facts –

Kitana – Mournful
Gold Tier
Faction: Outworld
Passive: Outworld Rebellion – All outworld teammates start with 1 bar of power
1 – Uplift
2 – Staff Smash
X – Slice and Dice

970 Attack
840 Health
800 Toughness
930 Recovery
100% Power Gen

Cost: 300
Found In: Kombat Pack, Kard Pack(?)


What’s it all mean?
Not only does Kitana’s passive give her Outworld teammates a bar of power to start, but she receives it as well. This means she can immediately execute her first special attack. Uplift does decent damage and also drains power, but it will never take out an opponent. Staff Smash hits for hard damage but also won’t take out an opponent. If anyone survives her X-Ray attack, they will be blinded afterwards.

What’s good about her?
She may not be the fastest fighter but her basic attacks have a chance to be a block breaker. Considering her first special is already charged and the chance to plow through a block, her uplift attack can be a huge edge. Also, Uplift drains more power than any other attack I’ve seen so far.

What’s the downside?
Neither Uplift of Staff Smash will KO an opponent. You’ll take their health down to the point they can take one more hit, maybe two depending on who the hitter is. This can be a bit frustrating if their health is already drained. This will sound odd, but she’s not a slow character but her combos are, which means they are easily interrupted.

As my first gold character, the Mournful version of Kitana has been a great part of my roster. Befitting my fighting style, she is a purely offensive character able to drain power and knock out a good chunk of the opponent’s health bar. Strong on her own, she’s good on an Outworld team where her passive gives an immediate advantage. Her overall slow speed and lack of specials that outright KO an opponent make her a lousy finisher unless you have her X-Ray attack charged.


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  1. Good blog, man. I’m coming back everyday looking for new posts. The game is amazing, you could also add some team ideas in the Spotlight. I.e., for mournful kitana, Kotal Kahn Sun God and Master of Souls Ermac. Free X-ray for him with a solid attack bonus. Keep up the good work!

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