Injustice vs. Mortal Kombat X – Gears vs. Equipment

It’s no surprise that MKX has a gear equivalent in the game. Basically, character equipment is the same thing as gears and like Injustice some equipment gives a bonus when used by a specific character.

What changes is that all characters have all 3 slots unlocked from the beginning. However, the slots are divided into a weapon, armor, and accessory slot. So while you can equip three items from the start, they must be of three different types.

The effects of equipment are largely the same as gears, giving various bonuses to abilities, increased power generation, etc. No real difference here. Weapons tend to give offensive bonuses, armor tends to give defensive bonuses, though both categories may vary somewhat. Accessories are all over the map in terms of the type of bonus it can give you.

The most notable change is that it costs nothing to upgrade equipment. Have two of the same thing, it is automatically fused for a more powerful version and the max is a fusion level of 10. On the other hand, this means you can’t break equipment down and upgrade something else. You can ONLY upgrade equipment if you find a double of it. Also, there are no packs for equipment. Instead, Kombat and Kard packs may draw equipment.

Overall, I like this system better. It’s more logical, less punishing, and simpler without being less effective.