Character Spotlight – Cassie Cage – Covert Ops

Just the facts –

Cassie Cage – Covert Ops
Gold Tier
Faction: Spec Ops
Passive: Covert Ops – All Spec Ops teammates have a 25% chance of unblockable attacks
1 – Glow Kick
2 – Air Assault
X – Testi-Kill

1100 Attack
1000 Health
1100 Toughness
990 Recovery
100% Power Gen

Cost: Kombat Pack Exclusive. Cannot be purchased outright.
Found In: Kombat Pack

IMG_0158What’s it all mean?
The covert ops passive is supposed to give a 25% chance for all spec ops team members to have an unblockable attack, but it appears it applies to Cassie Cage as well! With her high attack stat this can make her brutal in a fight.

Her glow kick is basically a riff on Sonya’s arc kick and is kinda ok but not great. The real fun is in Cassie’s air assault attack which drops high damage bombs on her opponent and it appears to either be unblockable or rarely blocked. If her target somehow survives their special attacks will be disabled for a good duration of time.

Cassie’s Testi-Kill X-ray also drains power, but I hardly ever see anyone survive it and if they did why would they want to?

What’s good about her?
Cassie has high stats across the board but her real power is on offense with her ability to blow right past an opponent’s block. Air assault is one of the most devastating attacks in the game. I’m sure there are faster characters, but Cassie is no slouch either.

What’s the downside?
As a Kombat Pack exclusive she can be difficult to fuse with other cards, which may keep her as a lesser member of your roster later in the game. Glow kick is nothing to write home about and is merely so-so.

She’s one of the strongest characters in the game with an awesome passive that benefits her and her teammates. Combine that with one of the most powerful special attacks in the game and she is a near unstoppable force.