Character Spotlight – Saurian

char_saur01Just the facts –

Bronze Tier
Faction: Outworld
Passive: Survival of the Fittest – +5% Health for outworld teammates
1 – Spit
2 – Klaw Slash

210 Attack
190 Health
200 Toughness
200 Recovery
90% Power Gen

Cost: 8,000 Koins
Found In: Alliance Pack

IMG_0178What’s it all mean?
Saurian gives a 5% health bonus for teammates who are also in the Outworld Faction. Saurian’s spit attack is a simple but effective straight damage attack that is simple to execute. The Klaw Slash is more powerful and is also a straight damage attack.

What’s good about him?
Saurian is relatively fast and for the bronze characters the spit attack is possibly one of the most straightfoward and when upgraded can be quite a heavy hitter for a special attack 1. His base attack stat is also high for a bronze character.

What’s the downside?
There is really nothing outstanding about Saurian other than being a decent hitter and having a good special 1. Everything else is mediocre and his health is actually somewhat low.

Probably better than my assessment of Lin Kuei but still just a so-so character. Once you have all silvers there is no reason to keep using Saurian and I think there are better bronze characters out there. Saurian is an average character with some decent speed but you’ll outgrow him quickly.