Random thoughts on MKX Mobile’s ongoing problems

Anyone poking around the major forums for Mortal Kombat X Mobile knows there is a lot of aggravation out there. A lot of it is unnecessary.

Speaking as someone with a lot of experience in software development, it’s not hard for me to speculate what has gone wrong. A date was picked to launch the newest iteration of Mortal Kombat and it was decided they were going to launch everything at once. This was likely done by some marketing person who doesn’t have a clue about software development. Games are the worst about this because you have an entire campaign behind them and due to how games are marketed making the date is important since publishers are still foolishly trying to make all their money in the first two weeks.

This is a really dumb strategy when you have a mobile version launching as well. The mobile version can be a “long tail”. The income stream is likely to continue well after the first month if you do it right.

Obviously something is very wrong and with the potential money to be made, or at least still needs to be made, I’m positive they are still working on all the problems.

What’s the most disappointing is that there is no spokesperson trying to calm the masses. Sure, no matter what you say people are going to be upset. Yet here you have a major release that is a huge boondoggle and there is not so much as a “Don’t worry, we’re working hard to fix it.” Radio silence is the worst of strategies. I’ve been in the middle of a bad release. It sucks, no doubt. I also was not in a position to make promises about when the fixes would be delivered, but I had many conversations with many customers that were uncomfortable as hell but still assuring them we’d deliver.

Know what? As much as they ranted and raved at me, as much disappointment as they shared, when we delivered the fix, they praised us. They loved the product in a working state and we never heard a word about the initial boondoggle.

I’m not looking for promises and I think most reasonable people will understand if they can’t provide dates. At this point, no acknowledgement is being made by anyone from Warner Bros. or Netherrealm. They are pissing off customers for no good reason.