Character Spotlight – Kenshi – Balanced

char_kenb01Just the facts –

Kenshi – Balanced
Gold Tier
Faction: Spec Ops
Passive: Telekinesis – All Spec Ops teammates start with 1 bar of power
1 – Tele-Push
2 – Tele-Flurry
X – Tele-Strike

910 Attack
930 Health
950 Toughness
1040 Recovery
100% Power Gen

Cost: 330 Souls
Found In: Kombat Pack


What’s it all mean?
Kenshi and his Spec Op allies all start with one bar of power, which either gives you a head start on a special attack 2 or lets you unleash a special attack 1 right from the start. These are always some of my favorite passives since so much of these games is built around spamming special attacks.

Tele-Push is not a very powerful attack but drains power, which is always nice unless you’re facing Kenshi. Tele-Flurry is a strong damaging attack. Balanced Kenshi’s X-Ray attack increases your critical hit chances for a short duration after it is unleashed.

What’s good about him?
He’s a hard hitting attacker with decent speed and power draining abilities. His stats are fairly high making him a strong character but he’s not quite top tier. His passive means his special 1 is active from the beginning of the fight, allowing Kenshi to drain his opponents power as soon as it gets charged up to a threatening level. That’s almost an unfair advantage.

What’s the downside?
There is no real strong downside other than his cost, which is high compared to other cards that have better stats. Some of this may be a powerful passive that gives an immediate advantage prices Kenshi quite high. He does seem to have the least effective drain power attack of any character.

He’s a strong fighter best paired with other Spec Ops fighters for maximum advantage. Balanced Kenshi is more of a card you use as part of a team built around another fighter. He’d make a strong ally for Cassie Cage, as an example. On his own he’s got strong stats even if he isn’t one of the most powerful, but making good use of his power drain and immediate access to it from the start of a match means he can hold his own against anyone.