Character Spotlight – Kenshi – Possessed

Just the facts –

Kenshi – Balanced
Gold Tier
Faction: Martial Artist
Passive: Demonology – Ambushes opponent on tag in, setting them on fire
1 – Tele-Push
2 – Demon Slice
X – Tele-Strike

910 Attack
930 Health
950 Toughness
1040 Recovery
100% Power Gen

Cost: 330 Souls
Found In: Kombat Pack

IMG_0161What’s it all mean?
When Kenshi tags in he ambushes his opponent doing some damage but then sets them on fire for a short duration. It’s a great move for weakening an opponent.

Tele-Push is not a very powerful attack but drains power, which is always nice unless you’re facing Kenshi. Demon Slice is a very powerful double attack when Kenshi summons a demon to attack his opponent. Possessed Kenshi’s X-Ray attack increases your power after it is unleashed.

What’s good about him?
He’s a hard hitting attacker with decent speed and power draining abilities. His stats are fairly high making him a strong character but he’s not quite top tier. His passive makes him great for starting in the second slot and then unleashing him right at the beginning for early damage. This makes him great as a spoiler, tagging him in and out multiple times in a match for maximum advantage.

What’s the downside?
There is no real strong downside other than his cost, which is high compared to other cards that have better stats. Some of this may be a powerful passive that gives an immediate advantage prices Kenshi quite high. He does seem to have the least effective drain power attack of any character. His passive means he is least effective in the first slot.

Essentially identical to Balanced Kenshi, the Possessed version is a bit more standalone. His ambush is awesome and combined with his power drain abilities he can be effective at holding a strong team at bay. Also, his demon slice attack is very powerful and I’ve used it as a finisher many times. Possessed Kenshi is by far my favorite version of the character.