Character Spotlight – Johnny Cage

Just the facts –

Johnny Cage
Silver Tier
Faction: Spec Ops
Passive: Physical Training – +15% health for Spec Ops teammates
1 – Kracker
2 – Shadow Kick
3 – Force Balls

390 Attack
420 Health
360 Toughness
330 Recovery
100% Power Gen

Cost: 40,000 Koins
Found In: Kard Pack, Alliance Pack

IMG_0182What’s it all mean?
Johnny’s passive gives a decent health boost to teammates who are also in the Spec Ops Faction.

Kracker is actually a decent damaging attack with power drain. Shadow Kick also does decent damage. If you can execute Johnny’s third special attack it is a powerful strike that then increases Johnny’s damage for a short duration.

What’s good about him?
He’s got a fast combo and can execute Kracker in such a way that it often beats other attacks, thus robbing your opponent of executing a special attack of their own. His stats are decent overall.

What’s the downside?
Cage isn’t particularly strong and outside of Kracker has nothing that is a huge benefit. Shadow Kick does hit for strong damage but other characters have a much better special attack 2 and it’s very difficult to charge up his special attack 3, especially when Kracker is such an effective power drainer.

Johnny Cage is a solid team builder who gives extra bonuses when paired with Cassie Cage but is a help to Spec Ops in general. While he may not be the strongest in his tier, his function as a power drainer can be very useful.