Character Spotlight – Trooper

char_troop01Just the facts –

Bronze Tier
Faction: Spec Ops
Passive: Assault Weapons – +5% Attack for Spec Ops Teammates
1 – Attack Pattern
2 – Akimbo

200 Attack
200 Health
210 Toughness
190 Recovery
90% Power Gen

Cost: 8,000 Koins
Found In: Alliance Pack

IMG_0187What’s it all mean?
Trooper gives an attack boost to any teammates in the Spec Ops faction. Attack pattern is basically a weaker version of Cassie Cage’s glow kick. Akimbo is an attack Trooper whips out to fire her two pistols at the enemy.

What’s good about her?
Trooper is essentially the bronze version of Cassie Cage. Like Cassie, Trooper has a fast attack speed and fairly strong combos for her tier. Her stats are decent for a bronze character as well.

What’s the downside?
Trooper has no real strengths and her special attacks are lacking. Akimbo is not especially strong and she has no attacks that give other bonuses. Compared to other bronze characters she is actually quite weak since all of her attacks are straight damage and none of them are particularly strong.

Trooper is another bronze card you can quickly replace. She does give a slight boost to a spec ops team but gives very little advantage beyond that.