Character Spotlight – Cassie Cage

char_ccp01Just the facts –

Cassie Cage
Silver Tier
Faction: Spec Ops
Passive: Child Prodigy – +50% Health if teamed with Johnny Cage. +50% attack if teamed with Sonya
1 – Glow Kick
2 – Caged Heat
3 – Fancy Footwork

520 Attack
380 Health
400 Toughness
460 Recovery
100% Power Gen

Cost: 50,000 Koins
Found In: Kard Pack, Alliance Pack

IMG_0188What’s it all mean?
Cassie’s passive means any Johnny Cage character will give her a 50% health boost and any Sonya Blade character will give her a 50% attack boost. Teamed correctly and Cassie can be one of the most powerful silver tier characters available.

Her glow kick is basically a riff on Sonya’s arc kick and is kinda ok but not great. Caged Heat is actually a powerful and stylish kick attack that can quickly deplete the enemy’s health. Not only that, but critical chance is increased and appears to stick around for a good amount of time, which can make Cassie a very hard hitter while it is active.

Fancy Footwork is another special 3 attack that isn’t so special and while it drains power it takes so long to charge and does nothing appreciable over the special 2 attack.

What’s good about her?
While not the fastest character in the game, Cassie is still pretty fast. Her stats are good but not great. Her second special is great to execute and the critical chance increase seems significant enough that most hits done while it is active seem to go critical. Teamed correctly, Cassie Cage can be more powerful than Kenshi.

What’s the downside?
Without being teamed with at least one of her parents, Cassie is somewhere between mediocre to good. As a standalone character I can name better easily.

Cassie Cage is someone you build a team around. She not only benefits from being teamed with her parents but there are also has benefits of teaming with other spec ops. She’s not very strong on her own and that makes her less desirable in my line-up in many ways since I’d rather have more flexibility in my selection.