Character Spotlight – Kano – Cutthroat

Just the facts –

Kano – Cutthroat
Gold Tier
Faction: Outworld
Passive: Mercenary – Cutthroat Kano costs less than other gold characters
1 – Kano Ball
2 – Attitude Problem
X – Lacerator

710 Attack
660 Health
780 Toughness
700 Recovery
100% Power Gen

Cost: 99,000 Koins
Found In: Cannot be found in any packs. Has to be purchased outright.

IMG_0196What’s it all mean?
Essentially Kano doesn’t have a passive other than he can be bought with Koins instead of Souls. This makes him one of the more accessible gold cards.

Kano Ball is his classic special attack and does decent damage for a 1st special attack. Attitude problem does similar damage but also causes bleed damage over time. Kano’s X-Ray attack gives him a damage boost after it is executed.

What’s good about him?
Kano is basically the “cheapest” Gold Card since you don’t need premium in-game currency to purchase him. Kano Ball is easy to execute for good damage once you get the timing down.

What’s the downside?
His combos are somewhat slow and he is the weakest gold character in the game. Kano is still more powerful than any stand-alone silver card but he is clearly at the bottom of the gold tier. Also, since his passive is that he can be bought with Koins he really doesn’t have a passive to speak of.

Look, any gold card is better than any silver and bronze at first glance. Sure, Cassie Cage or Kenshi could be as powerful or more so when teamed with the right cards. Cutthroat Kano’s best use is really for getting through Battle Mode but he seems less useful for Faction Wars. If you need to round out a gold team with a third, at least you don’t have to buy souls and can use Koins for him, but if you already have a strong gold team there really is no use for him.