Character Spotlight – Blood God Kotal Kahn

char_kkbg01Just the facts –

Kotal Kahn – Blood God
Gold Tier
Faction: Outworld
Passive: Totem – Summon a random totem that generates extra damage, healing, or power
1 – Blood Offering
2 – Totem
X – Sun Burn

810 Attack
820 Health
790 Toughness
780 Recovery
100% Power Gen

Cost: 250 Souls
Found In: Kombat Pack

IMG_0206What’s it all mean?
Blood God Kotal Kahn summons a totem on his 2nd special attack which does some damage but provides a boost to his damage, heals him, or generates power. His passive is essentially his 2nd special.

His first special is a damage buff that also does light damage when activated.

If you can get his X-Ray charged up and your opponent somehow survives it, they will be weakened afterwards and hit for less damage for a short period of time.

What’s good about him?
Blood God Kotal Kahn has decent stats making him fairly strong. He hits for decent damage without his buffs and his totem can come in handy if he is low on health. On basic attacks he is fairly strong.

What’s the downside?
Where to begin? Kotal Kahn is slow. Possibly the slowest character of the game. Both of his special attacks do very light damage because they are intended to be buffs. The damage increase on his 1st special is good but dissipates quickly. The random nature of the totem means it may not give you an effect you actually need. For example, what good is generating more power if you use all your power on the totem? It might help your teammates, but it means depleting Kahn’s power to do so.

Also, he has no real passive to speak of. That means he has no damaging special attacks, no actual passive, and a random effect that may do little to help you in a fight.

In Battle Mode even Blood God Kotal Kahn can be useful for clearing towers, but his special attacks make him a poor attacker. Since his buffs are applicable only to him, except maybe power (which I have not been able to fully test), he’s not even a good support player. I really started this spotlight to defend how he might be good, but there are so many downsides that I wonder if he isn’t the worst gold card in the game.