Sunday Gun Day! The M1 Carbine

Note: Due to how long ago I fired this weapon, the below picture is merely an example and not the actual firearm used.

m1carbineOne of my biggest firearm regrets is passing up the opportunity to buy one of these nifty little rifles in college. Back then you could easily find used models in good repair for $200 to $300. Now you’re lucky to find anything around $700.

I first shot one of these way back when I was in middle school. A buddy of mine had a father, Mike, who served as a Green Beret in Vietnam. That guy had an entire collection of various surplus weapons from battle rifles dating back to World War I to what appeared to be an authentic Chinese Type 56, their version of the AK rifle. He took us to the range one weekend and this was one of the weapons he took with us.

Prior to that day my only firearms experience had been with .22 rifles. The rifle range had targets set up for 200, 500, and 1000 yards. The M1 Carbine originally had a reputation for inaccuracy, but mostly that was compared to the longer-ranged M1 Garand. On it’s own, the M1 Carbine’s .30 caliber round actually does just fine at 200 and 500 yards, speaking as someone who was a relative newbie to firing centerfire rifles at the time. Mike Jr. and I got competitive, trying to hit targets at 1000 yards towards the end. I managed to get one hit, he had several. It’s not a long range rifle and not designed to be one, but it does seem plenty accurate to me.

Having never owned one I won’t go into a full blown review and I’m mostly using my 30 year old recollection of shooting this firearm. It left quite an impression on me. Recoil, to a 13 year old, didn’t seem that bad. It’s stout but I’ve fired many rifles with a harder kick than this. The M1 Carbine was designed to be light and handy for its era, and I think it still is today.

This is still one of my favorite weapons and some day when I have the means I intend to buy one for myself. God Bless Mike for taking myself and Mike Jr. to the range that day. Sadly, Mike has since passed from this world but he was a heckuva guy and a legitimate badass.


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    • A little over a tenth of what you’d likely pay today!

      Too bad surplus M1 Carbines are currently being held hostage be stupid regulations or we’d be able to buy back some of the stock we sent to South Korea decades ago.

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