Who will the next challenge be for Mortal Kombat X Mobile?

Well, the Raiden challenge is over and the question is, who is next?

My money is on Erron Black. Why? Because he’s confirmed to already exist in the code somewhere. Granted, all I know is from a 3rd party and it’s just a name that pops up looking through game files. It doesn’t mean everything is there for the character, but it’s the only name we don’t have currently on the roster.

Prior to that, the only other name in the files was Kung Lao, except he’s been released and in two different forms. Well, ignoring the fact they seem to have forgotten to actually include either version in the Kombat Pack.

The real question is, will they keep rotating challenges one after the other like Injustice and WWE Immortals or are there still enough problems that players will be on a forced break until another update?

Even then, IF Erron Black is coded already that still leaves just him and no one else available for challenges. Which means at best we’ll get his challenge and then Netherrealm will have to do another update for us to get further challenges. This is not unusual for the other games I mentioned, but update releases for MKX have been, well, inconsistent to say the least.

This is all pure speculation at this point. I am still eager to see who is next and despite how simple the last challenge was I will never pass up adding another character to my collection.