Things I highly recommend you do in your career

Considering I have done just about everything from bussing tables to road construction, I am very happy to have worked my way into a good paying job that I honestly don’t have to work that hard at. I have to know a lot of things and can be under a lot of pressure, but for a guy who used to sling asphalt it’s difficult for me to call anything I do today “hard work”.

Take it from me, do these things if you can in your career –

  1. Work your way into a job where you don’t have to work weekends and get normal holidays off.
  2. Get into a position where you basically make your own schedule.
  3. Become the senior most person in your location’s department.
  4. Never, ever, look down on the people who are doing the jobs you used to have to do.

If you can avoid it, stay away from retail. Fast food, restaurants, construction, name just about anything you can. I’ve never had any job that was near as soul sucking and cynical as working in retail. Even working at the corporate level was kind of off-putting.