Sunday Gun Day! Marlin Model 15Y

Note: While this won’t always be the case, yet again I do not have a picture of the actual weapon. However, do you have any idea how hard it is to find a picture of this out of production rifle that is actually just like the one I fired? The pickings were slim. Apologies for the image quality.

I’m not much of a hunter and this isn’t a hunting rifle, so why am I hunting coyotes with this thing?

The Model 15Y is a “youth model” bolt action .22 rifle that is a single-shot. They aren’t fancy and can feel rather small in an adult’s hands. The particular rifle I was using actually belonged to my brother-in-law, and was my nephew’s first rifle.

My first use of this was for killing coyotes caught in traps. If that seems cruel, well, you’ve never seen a coyote up close. However, I’m not a big fan of animal suffering no matter how nasty they are, so all shots are done as close to the middle of the forehead as possible. I own better rifles than this, but I have to give it credit as a starter rifle. Like most bolt-action .22’s, it’s a tack driver.

I don’t believe you can still buy this model new though there are plenty of other youth rifles available for your smaller shooters. I understand the purpose of a single-shot for teaching a new shooter, but for hunting it seems unnecessary. Then again, I’m sure my bro-in-law was just trying to conserve ammunition since .22 LR is still hard to come by.