Done with Mortal Kombat Mobile X

It should be obvious I didn’t do the updates I said. The reason is because I have quit the game. I mean scorched earth, deleted the app off my iPad quit.

I’m done.

I started playing MKX Mobile because I liked the Injustice model. However, what I liked about Injustice was that it had no premium currency. You could earn credits or buy them outright. I thought it was a nice balance between people who have time but no money and people who have money but no time. It was player friendly and I know Injustice made money off that model. I even spent money on it, not that I needed to but to show them some support.

MKX players have decried the use of premium currency from day one and I thought it was ok because it wasn’t overly obnoxious. The last update fixed that.

Now available, a Netherrealm Pack for 3 characters, 2 of which cannot be purchased any other way for 850 souls. That’s $50 in real world money.

The Liu Kang challenge gives you a character that you can only upgrade with 345 souls. You can’t pull him in the Kombat Pack.

If you grind hard and do the daily bonuses you can earn a Kombat Pack in 3 weeks. Sooner if you play and do well in Faction Wars. That’s for something that costs 150 souls.

It’s a slap in the face and I’m done with this game. If you’re going to be just like the other games I despise for their cynical tactics, why should I support or promote you. Holding your hand out for money and giving me very little in value is insulting. I am done.

This is NOT a call for everyone to quit, boycott, or whatever. If you’re still enjoying the game or choose to spend money, more power to you.

Good luck.