Character spotlights up-to-date and what else is coming this week.

For those that haven’t visited, the Character Spotlights page has been completely updated and all the character portraits have been put into the new format. I will resume character spotlights this week and am committing to at least 2 right now. Not sure what my 3rd Mortal Kombat day will be.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and enjoyed the holiday if you were out celebrating.


Site update in the works

So I did get the Character Spotlights page updated and in the beginnings of a reformat. Over the next few weeks I will be swapping out the character images. I realized that trying to get the base card image for everyone is going to be next to impossible. So the page might look a little “off” but it will be up-to-date.

Also, I am listing upcoming characters on that page and the order they will be tackled in.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Saturday and Sunday posts. More of those to come.

New schedule starts this week

Just a reminder –

The next three days are dedicated weekly to Mortal Kombat X Mobile. This week we will have two character spotlights and a new feature!

Freeform Friday has no plan.

Saturday is “I rank everything” and we’ll be starting with the Fast and Furious Film Franchise

Sunday is Gun Day and I’ll be talking about shooting the venerable M1 Carbine a long long time ago.

Changes coming next week

Bear with me, but read this, please.

My goal from the beginning of Mortal Kombat X was to be helpful. I used to read a guy, Mark Simmons, whose approach to fandom wasn’t to prove to everyone he was the most dedicated and knowledgable fan but rather he wanted to share his hobby with others. He provided information, made suggestions, and answered questions. He had near infinite patience, answering the same questions from newbies repeatedly, while also dealing with a lot of nasty “superfans” who always wanted to show their dominance over newer fans or more casual fans. Now, this wasn’t a community for Mortal Kombat but a different hobby altogether. Still, I loved his attitude.

I’m no Mark Simmons. I don’t have his patience and I don’t have the same level of knowledge about Mortal Kombat. That said, I still set out to be a help to players of Mortal Kombat X Mobile. It’s my goal. I get no money for this and I spend a good deal of my time. However, I want to set that same example and tone. To that end I revived an old blog I had never touched and started posting guides to help out people with the towers and boss fights that caused so many problems early on. I am going to continue to do what I can to help.

If you keep visiting this site you will see that I am going to start a regular schedule of posts and it won’t always be for Mortal Kombat X Mobile. I have other interests. Here is my plan for the future and this will all be starting next week.

Mondays – Reserved for general announcements. The week ahead, any news about the site, anything you might need to know about what is going on.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays – These are dedicated to Mortal Kombat X Mobile. I will do at least one Character Spotlight a week and the other two days will be filled by either updates to the Tower Guide, which will begin including a map and also an enemy list, Teams for MKX Mobile (which I will begin soliciting community input on), Character Showdowns (A new reader requested feature), and other general commentaries about what is going on with the game.

Fridays – Freeform Fridays. I may do another MKX post, I may do something completely different. I may take the day off from blogging. I’m going to reserve these days for myself essentially.

Saturday – I rank everything. This is a feature from an older website I am going to bring back. Basically I am going to rank movie, game, or TV series based on what I feel is the worst all the way to the best. For example, listing out the Star Wars movies in what I feel are the worst to the best.

Sunday – Sunday Gun Days! Although I don’t get to the range much these days, I am a hobbiest shooter with a wide range of firearms experience. I’ve fired everything from single-action .22 revolvers to fully automatic M60 machineguns. This will be everything from full blown reviews (some of which have previously been published elsewhere) to general impressions. Most of it depends on how much experience I’ve had firing a particular firearm.

So that should set some expectations for everyone. If you have any further ideas or comments, then leave a comment. I read every comment I get.

Updates coming this week

Oh no, it’s the dreaded administrative post!

I’ll have at least two character spotlights up this week and will be starting a new weekly feature soon.

I am waiting for the Raiden Challenge to kick off again, when it does I have another weekly feature I want to introduce.

Check back tomorrow for a real update.

Just continuing to fall behind

I’m short on time this week and a short week last week messed me up as well. In short, I’m not going to have anything done today. I do have a lot in progress.

Injustice vs. Mortal Kombat X Series
– Equipment vs. Gears
– Character Progression
– Faction Wars

After those three entries are posted that series will be done.

For Character Spotlights I have the following in the works –
Cassie Cage – Covert Ops
Kenshi – Possessed

I do have plans to revisit the Bronze and Silver characters as I go as well. More than likely Saurian will be popping up soon and Jacqui or Jax Briggs. However, none of those are started.

Injustice vs. Mortal Kombat X – An Introduction

Mortal Kombat X Mobile is yet another spin-off of Injustice. Unlike the other Injustice based game, WWE Immortals, MKX differs in some fundamental ways. This series will be taking a look at the various differences.

Here will be the various installments

– Combat Mechanics
– Character Tiers
– Character Progression
– Equipment vs. Gears
– Offense vs. Defense
– Faction Wars

In between we will still be doing Character Spotlights or other updates as necessary, so check back daily!