A free game for Friday

Like I warned, Fridays are going to be about whatever I feel like.

I have been toying with the idea of getting Rebuild 3, a neat little Civ-like Zombie survival game that looked very promising. Well, after reading some comments on it I realized that the previous game was free.

Here’s the link –

Rebuild 2

It looks like 3 will be a little deeper, I finished Rebuild 2 in about 2 hours, tops. Might have been half that time, it wasn’t in one sitting. I had it on easy and used a typical sized city, still didn’t take long.

I liked it, it’s a fun little distraction and for people who enjoy Civilization style games it’s a nice entry. However, I haven’t returned because it’s clear that I hit pretty much every note the game had in one playthrough. Still, it’s a good advertisement for the follow-up.

So check it out. It’s truly free with just some banner ads on the site. It does require Flash to play and it saves your progress despite being entirely browser based.