Beating the bosses in Mortal Kombat X Mobile

So far I’ve only cleared up to Kung Jin but since people keep asking here’s how I’ve beaten all of the bosses so far.

Kano –
Easy fight since the Level 6 Gold Sonya Blade Demolition can do most of the work. He does hit for a lot of damage for a level 10 so you should have at least one Silver card up to the same level or better to absorb some damage. Sonya’s special 2 will knock out a good chunk of his health so it may be worthwhile to charge her up and then unleash her. Overall he’s really not that hard so long as you can mount a strong offense or your defensive tactics are decent.

Kotal Kahn –
Another relatively easy fight, the only downside is that he can hit for some pretty significant damage if you let him attack and don’t block. This is one where I went full offensive and had a gold character so I blew through him pretty easily. However, a couple of decent silver cards should be able to handle him just fine.

Reptile –
This is the first fight you are required to think defensively. If you don’t block his attacks he can finish off your whole team quickly. As much as possible, load up on power draining characters. Kitana, Johnny Cage, or Kenshi are great for dealing with him and since you get a Gold Kitana Assassin you automatically start with one character who has power drain.

First off, get Kitana out of there and drop in a damage sponge. Attack when you can but don’t let Reptile hit you when you’re not blocking. If you have power drain, use it as soon as it is charged and keep Reptile’s power meter close to zero.

As Kitana is available to tag-in, use her since she will ambush Reptile and do decent damage when she tags in. If her special is charged, drain Reptile’s power, and then tag her out as soon as possible. Repeat this until Reptile’s health is near zero, then go on the attack.

The biggest trick is tagging Kitana in for some cheap shots and then getting her back out before Reptile’s attacks drain her health. When in doubt, block, but remember that you have to play some offense to get your drain attacks charged.

Scorpion –
Was he supposed to be hard? I had a Spec Ops Cassie Cage (Gold) at level 21 when I first encountered him and solo’d him with just her.

Ok, so maybe you don’t have a gold spec ops card. I did go back a few times and this is going to be painful but you need at least two silver cards with a spec ops faction (Kenshi counts as spec ops or martial artist so he’ll do) that are equal or close to Scorpion’s level. 3 would be better. You might be able to pull it off with just 1 but that assumes you have a couple of damage sponges and they won’t last long.

The trick is to get special attack 2’s charged on your spec ops folks and hit Scorpion when he’s not blocking. He’ll go down quick. His attacks are insane though, especially if he catches you not blocking. If your other non-spec ops don’t have decent health and toughness this could be a harsh battle to get past.

Personally, I have not beaten Scorpion without a team of at least 2 silver spec-ops and my third card was also a silver. Beating him with 1 silver spec-ops is purely theoretical and even then I can’t imagine doing it without 2 other silver cards to back you up.

I have never beat Scorpion with a non spec-ops team, even when my team was all golds.

Kung Jun –
He’s relatively easy compared to the others. I’ve tested this multiple times and it always works. You get Quan Chi automatically. I took my best card and a Monk. Have Quan Chi stay in the fight until he at least gets his Special 1 charged. Swap out with your non-Monk card and stay in there until Quan Chi’s Special 2 is charged. Switch to the Monk. Let Kung Jin kill the Monk twice. (Quan Chi’s passive will revive him once). Tag in Quan Chi and use his X-Ray attack. Kung Jin won’t know what hit him.

Quan Chi –
Ugh, wasn’t expecting this one. The good news is he is not in a “marked” tower so he’s not as overpowered as some of the other bosses like Reptile or Scorpion. He still cheats though. He has two Oni that are both Fusion level IV and while they are still pretty weak they can whittle down your health. He can also reanimate them to full health so the focus should be on getting Quan Chi to tag in and then taking him out.

At this point you hopefully have at least one gold character and they should be able to do an X-Ray attack. Take a gold character and your best damage sponge plus the Monk just like Kung Jin. Beat on the Oni enough to get them to tag out while also charging up your Special 2 attack. Try not to take out the Oni so they don’t drain your power or let your damage sponge beat on them. Once your gold characters special 2 is charged, tag in the Monk and let him get taken out.

Now wait for Quan Chi to tag in, hit him with your X-Ray attack. Once he is down for the count, mop up the Oni. All-in-all this can be a longer battle but isn’t particularly difficult.

Ermac –
His description makes it seem like you are in for a hard fight but it’s actually a good clue. Only Kenshi and Bronze characters can hurt him. So take a Monk with you and get the Kenshi they give you to power up his Special 2. This is not an easy thing to do though since Ermac drains power on his basic attack combo! Best thing is to take a damage sponge and let them beat on Ermac while Kenshi’s power charges up. Once his special 2 is charged, drop in the Monk and let him get taken out.

With some careful timing, drop in Kenshi so he doesn’t get hit with Ermac’s power drain and execute his X-Ray attack. If Ermac is at full power it may not drop him right away but it will weaken him significantly. He should be easy to finish off.

Also worth noting, any Kenshi character will do. So in addition to the Kenshi they make you use, if you have a silver Kenshi he can also hurt Ermac and make this fight much easier.

Sub-Zero –
At this point in the game this should not be a hard fight. Sub-Zero can use Ice Armor which protects him from most damage but not all. Use the time he is armored to charge up special attacks and then unleash them when the armor wears off. He won’t wait long to use Ice Armor after it wears off, so move quickly and you should be able to take him out fairly quick.

Kotal Kahn – Sun God –
If this is your first time facing him this can be a tough fight but he’s not insurmountable. You are forced to take along a D’Vorah – Venomous which isn’t the best character but she has her uses.

Kotal Kahn’s most annoying traits are that he will drop a sun shield early and can also use a reflect damage boost. Watch out for his specials. When the sun shield is up you can still hit him to charge up special attacks but when reflect damage goes up stop hitting him.

Characters that do damage over time are useful here. Reptile’s venom or Possessed Kenshi’s ambush that sets his opponent on fire are good example. Anything that causes bleed, poison, or fire will be useful. Venomous D’Vorah’s second special is a fairly powerful poison attack.

The Monk trick works here as well, but remember not to execute an X-Ray attack when reflect damage is up.

This is the fight to bring your strongest character, so if their energy was depleted earlier in the tower it is probably best to wait till they recharge rather than bringing a less powerful team to this fight. The good news is, once you beat Kotal Kahn the first time it just gets easier on the repeats.


5 thoughts on “Beating the bosses in Mortal Kombat X Mobile

  1. Just for you to note, if you bring Kenshi as an ally to the Ermac boss battle, he wil also deal damage, so another good strategy would be to survive until your Kenshi ally is ready and then unleashing him, probably one-shotting Ermac.

  2. The Monk Trick is to bring a Monk with you. Get your other two characters 2nd special attack charged up, then drop in the Monk. Let the Boss beat the Monk and then the other two characters will have their X-Ray attacks automatically charged to max.

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