FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Max Level for characters?

Characters can go up to level 50

How far can I promote/fuse?

Characters can have a Fusion level of 7
Equipment can have a Fusion level of 10
Character upgrades can have a Fusion level of 4

Are there fatalities in the mobile version of Mortal Kombat X?
Yes and no, but mostly no.
You cannot perform fatalities like regular Mortal Kombat. Instead, fatalities are scripted events that happen in specific towers during the game. Anytime you are at a tower with a must use character, like Demolition Sonya Blade at an early tower, the end boss fight will result in a QTE (quick-time event) that executes a fatality.

Are there X-Ray Attacks?
Yes, but only Gold characters have them.

Are there Gold Cards in the Kard (Silver) Pack?
Yes! So far the confirmed cards are both versions of Reptile, both versions of Johnny Cage, Commando Kano, Cryomancer Sub-Zero. I have heard rumors but cannot confirm Mournful Kitana and possibly others! However, all of these are rare pulls.


3 thoughts on “FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. hey, I been playing MKX since day 1 I guess but I have noob line up
    Which I need your help
    I am trying to get high rank in faction wars that’s why I need 3 teams to fight with but I can’t decide which character in which team
    Here’s a screenshot from my roster http://i.imgur.com/5QWHyfOh.jpg
    I hope you help me and tell me what’s missing

    • You have somewhat limited cards to build three teams with.

      I think your best bet is probably –
      Team 1 –
      Cassie Cage – Covert Ops
      Sonya Blade – Demolition
      Scorpion – Injustice

      I don’t have the console version so I’m not totally clear on Injustice Scorpion’s abilities, but his special 1 has a good chance to stun and Cassie Cage gives 25% unblockable to spec ops, which would give her and Sonya a real advantage. Plus her special 2 is a killer.

      Team 2 –
      Sonya Blade
      Cassie Cage
      Jacqui Briggs

      Cassie will get a buff for being on the same team as her mom and all characters will get a buff from Sonya Blade. Jacqui is kind of weak, but her ability to stun on a combo may come in handy.

      Team 3 –
      Shirai Ryu

      Not a lot of bonuses to be shared with this team, but it’s solid. The Monk has a grapple attack and if he gets KO’ed his teammates receive an extra bar of power. Saurians a decent attacker and Shirai Ryu is just kind of mediocre but will do ok in a fight.

      • This is my line up for now
        Team 1:

        Cover Ops Cassie Cage – Demolition Sonya Blade – Farmer Jax Briggs

        Team 2:

        Silver Cassie Cage – Silver Sonya Blade – Jacqui Briggs

        Team 3:

        Commando Kano – Injustice Scorpion – Shirai Ryu

        After I tested them
        That what I found
        Team 1: COCC makes it easy, but if she dies I might lose the battle because Sonya kinda weak against the opponents I fight.
        Team 2 : Silver CC makes it very easy I won 3 battles without tagging
        Team 3: I fight against hard opponents which its make it harder because Kano his damage very low and Shirai Ryu only stand for few seconds then he dies, but injustice Scorpion help me to win

        I guess I need more fusing and more equipments but idk where should I start
        What do u think about my lineup ?

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