General Tips for Mortal Kombat X Mobile

General Tips –

Do your daily bonus missions for souls. If you’re regular team line-up doesn’t naturally achieve whatever the daily misison is, then run Tower 4 since it only costs you 1 energy per mission. What you don’t get in Koins or experience will be paid back in easy soul farming for that day.

Test Your Might stages use no energy! Towers that have 6 fights at 2 energy each and no test your might take more energy than one team will have to complete without pause. Test Your Might, when it is there, is always the 4th fight. It’s usually easy money, especially in later towers, and you’ll be able to complete the tower with one team. The only downside is you don’t get experience for Test Your Might.

Beginning Tips –

Consider buying a starter pack. Even the $5 is a nice boost and having two silver cards to start the game is a good bonus. Plus it will give you enough Koins that you won’t be far off from being able to draw another silver card.

Save up for a second silver drawing. The game tutorial leaves you with a team of 3 Bronze Characters and 1 Silver Character, which is nice and necessary since you’ll face silver opponents starting with the second tower of the game. Life gets much easier when you have 2 Silvers to face them.

DO NOT SPEND SOULS ON ANYTHING!!! Save them for a gold card draw (Kombat Pack). Life gets much easier with a gold character. If you are low on energy, switch out characters or take a break instead of spending souls to recharge.

Once you have 2 Silver Characters, consider buying at least another Bronze Character. The benefit is that you can run two teams of 1 Silver and 2 Bronze Characters to farm Koins even faster. You definitely want to get your roster up to six characters as quickly as possible.

Once you have a gold character and at least a couple of silvers, consider picking up another bronze character every now and again. You can use them to fill out your teams and allow you to play longer and gain more koins. This also helps level up your characters which will be necessary for later towers. You may not progress quite as quickly but you’ll be able to build up your team faster and increase your money flow in the game.

If you play Injustice or WWE Immortals, you’ll find a slight shift in tactics for Mortal Kombat. In the other games you charge up special attacks faster by getting hit. In Mortal Kombat you charge up specials MUCH faster by hitting your opponent. This is a game that rewards offense. The downside is you’ll be facing bosses in towers not too far from the beginning that demand defensive thinking. So you may go through a good number of towers blasting through people and then hit Reptile and suddenly have to play completely different.

Starter Pack Breakdowns – (Are they worth it?)
Silver Sword Starter Pack
Kenshi (Silver)
20,000 Koins
30 Souls
1 Level Upgrade Card

Let’s say you get lucky and drew Kenshi or you just don’t care and want a silver card. That makes Kenshi at least a 30,000 Koin value on his own and buying him outright is 75,000 Koins. Throw in 20,000 Koins and 30 Souls and you’re talking at least $10 to not quite get the same value. Essentially this is a lot of goodies at over 50% off.

Gold Fire Starter Pack
Inferno Scorpion
100,000 Koins
150 Souls
3 Level Upgrade Cards
Nether Kunai Gear Card

Gold Ice Starter Pack
Grandmaster SubZero
100,000 Koins
150 Souls
3 Level Upgrade Cards
Ice Daggers Gear Card

Of the SubZero’s I’m most “meh” on the Grandmaster version but it’s still a decent card. Inferno Scorpion is very nice though. A gold draw is 120 or 150 souls depending on whether or not the Kombat Pack is on sale plus enough souls to do another gold draw? That’s essentially two cards plus plenty of Koins to either buy the lower tier Gold Kano or 3 silver cards. All-in-all, it would cost somewhere above $32 and you still wouldn’t have the level upgrade cards or the gear. Not quite as good a value as the $5 starter pack but it’s a decent bundle to get you started.


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